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Lactation QBank helps learners build mastery in a breastfeeding topic through a scaffolded approach, culminating in a live encounter with a standardized patient through a video call.

What is a standardized patient?

  • A highly-trained actor
  • Follows the same script for each case scenario
  • Provides tailored, structured feedback on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Wears the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model for the learner to practice breast/chest assessment and clinical lactation skills

What should a learner expect?

  • Complete case-based multiple choice questions in preparation for encounter with a standardized patient
  • Schedule an appointment with a standardized patient
  • Engage in a 20 minute encounter with a standardized patient to help them with their lactation concern
  • Receive 10 minutes of feedback from the standardized patient on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Document the visit using a provided template and submit to board-certified lactation consultant for feedback on clinical decision making skills

Your first live, virtual encounter with a standardized patient is 50% off!

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Our first course is entitled Lactation support in a telehealth setting

Access to the multiple choice questions (Step 1) and unfolding case scenarios (Step 2) in the “Lactation support in a telehealth setting” course is free and the first virtual encounter (Step 3) with a live standardized patient is 50% off! We developed the “Lactation support in a telehealth setting” course in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Our objective is to support the training needs of healthcare professionals and students so that they can learn how to triage breastfeeding patients to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and clinic visits.

  • Case 1. Bloody nipple discharge in a lactating woman

  • Case 2. Breast engorgement in the setting of delayed onset of lactogenesis II

  • Case 3. Breast milk production and maternal mental health

The Lactation QBank is designed for learners of all levels to build clinical decision-making, technical, and counseling skills relevant to lactation support.

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Learners get 50% off their first virtual encounter with a live standardized patient.

  • Medical and nursing students
  • Hospital staff in mother-baby units
  • Pediatricians, OBGYNs, family medicine physicians, midwives, and advanced practitioners in women’s and pediatric health fields.
  • Peer counselors at WIC
  • Aspiring and practicing lactation specialists (eg. CLC, IBCLC)

Customize your plan to fit your training objectives in clinical lactation.